The Three Reasons Why We Should Have Picnics

The Three Reasons Why We Should Have Picnics

To be able to go outside and enjoy the sun without worrying is a joy on its own. During this coronavirus pandemic, it is getting harder and harder to go outside as we used to before, and many of us felt that those days of having a picnic outside with our waterproof outdoor rugs, basking ourselves in the sun, and freely inhaling the fresh-clean air is taken for granted. But we have hopes for the future as the world government is working together to combat the virus so that we may enjoy the worry-free outside once more. Here are several reasons why we should have picnics:

It Helps to Alleviate Stress

Being a full-time professional could take a toll on our mental health, and we can only take so much before we burn out. Sometimes, our personal lives cannot help ease our mental health because they too are in shambles and needed a break. Then, how about forgetting all of that and go on a picnic? In such a situation, it is best to detach momentarily to recuperate and alleviate the build-up stress.

When we are stressed out, the stress hormone known as cortisol will be produced at a large scale, and going on a picnic can reduce cortisol by producing good hormones instead with the help of vitamin D from the sun, laughter, and good company, we are on our way to fixing our mental health one picnic at a time! 

It Can Keep You Active


People that don’t have a lot of outdoor activities in their daily lives might appreciate the quarantine better than outdoorsy people would. But, living a sedentary and inactive life could lead to serious health problems in the long term. A picnic involves many physical activities like walking, running, and playing sports that our bodies need to be healthy and fit. Remember that a little sun once in a while won’t hurt; on the other hand, they will provide our bodies the vitamin D that is essential to absorb calcium that will make our bones and joints healthy!

It Gives Quality Time

With so many of us tied up with work and other responsibilities, we often neglect our loved ones and familial duties. Our professional life is important, but family is more meaningful, and you don’t want to miss out on spending quality time with your loved ones. Consistent communication and spending time together are the key to a long-lasting and harmonious, happy family!

Picnics are great, and you should not underestimate the benefits that you can get from having picnics. You won’t believe how many people have adopted picnic into their schedule ever since the lockdown policy have started. Please don’t take them for granted. Instead, relish them and enjoy the sun with your family!